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Take the front pulley off with a slide hammer after removing the center bolt.
  Remove the cam belt and un-bolt the water pump.
  Don't forgrt the 2 diesel pump nuts and m5 bolt on the back of the water pump.
with the water pump off the diesel pump is left supported by..
these 2 bolts at the rear. If you disturb these then you'll need to check the pump timing - leave them alone unless you need to remove the diesel pump.
The Turbo prior to removal.
With the manifold off, the ports are showing the tell tale signs of a water problem - crystals of anti freeze and white mottling in the exhaust ports.
Once the head is off the cracks are obvious between the valves, again the white marks are a tell tale.
When removing the Aluminimum part of the sump take note of which bolts have copper washers on the heads.
The block with the crank & pistons removed.
As the bores had suffered water damage and distortion due to the overheating problems but the pistons were still in good condition the most cost effective repair was to resleave the block back to standard size.
By machining a step at the bottom of the bore the liner is supported from below.
A cylinder liner
The liner is pressed into the block using a 20 ton press.
These water holes on the top of the block need cleaning with a drill. The top of the block was also machined to remove any distortion.