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Clifford Cox Engineering was formed as a company in the early 1970’s based in Bracknell Clifford Cox established a reputation for quality rebuilt engines, moving to Milford road in Reading during the mid 1970’s.

Reconditioning and building mainly Ford, Austin, Morris and Vauxhall engines the company flourished.

Sadly Clifford died in 1987 and the company was sold by his widow to some gentlemen with little or no engine reconditioning experience as such the reputation of the company suffered until it was again sold in 1989.

Beric Ewin purchased the company on the 1st February   1989 with a view to rebuilding the reputation for quality and customer care with an emphasis on expanding the performance engine area of the business.   The years from 1989 to 2000 saw a huge improvement in oil and engine technology meaning that less engine reconditioning work was required and most engine failures were bought about by misuse, abuse or neglect.

The performance side of the business was building up as the standard rebuilds started to decline. Gas flowed heads became the norm and to remain competitive the equipment was sought and installed allowing competition heads to be developed.

One of the problems experienced by us and our customers was a lack of local good rolling road facilities meaning that they did not always get the best from the engines they bought. The decision was taken to extend the workshop and install a rolling road that we could operate and give customers the results they wanted, this also enabled us to pinpoint other engine related problems and give customers an honest opinion of what we can do and achieve with their engine.

The first rolling road was water braked system and as such had limitations in  use. Given this we updated to an electronic rolling road this gives a more accurate result that is more repeatable plus the customer gets a graph  showing brake horse power and torque which can be kept for future reference. The rolling road now allows us to map engines using stand alone ecu’s as well as carry out diagnostic work.

During 2005/6 further improvements to the business have included new staff and equipment have allowed Clifford Cox Engineering to keep up to date with modern machinery.

We are now heavily involved with competition engine preparation and classic car engine rebuilds as this has become the bulk of our work, modern engines don’t  wear out, but we repair many abused ones most commonly cam belt failure, overheat or run out of oil. Modern emission laws mean that people are now reverting to older engines and older cars. Classic rallying is a huge industry and we are happy to be involved in some of the engines that Clifford Cox built his reputation on.

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