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Oil Fortifier

Reduces oil burning and maintains oil pressure. Quietens noisy engines

Oil Treatment

Prevents engine sludging. Stops HVL rattle developing. Reduces friction and oil oxident

Motor Flush

Removes engine sludge. Restores lost compression. Stops HVL rattle. Diminishes oil burning due to ring sticking

Fuel System Cleaner

Cleans injectors..Eliminates bad egg smells from cats. Reduces excessive emmisions. Removes oil from waterways

Diesel Fuel Conditioner

Reduces black smoking. Improves cold starting. Quietens injector/pump noise. Lubricates fuel system

Gas Treatment

Cures pre-injection and pinking. Removes light carbon from combustion chamber. Cleans and lubricate sticking valves, eliminating the multivalve engine misfire

Radiator Stop Leak

Cures Water Leaks. Particularly effective in heater matrix

Cooling System Conditioner

Preventes cooling system corrosion and overheating problems. Lubricates water pumps

Cooling System Flush

Removes limescale from cooling system. Effectively and safely restores coolig system efficiency

Automatic Transmission Treatment

Reduces flaring. Smooths out gear change. Cures leaks in automatic gearboxes

Diff & Gear Treatment

Reduces gear friction and lowers operation temperatures. Protects against the effects of contamination and sludge formation

Power Steering Treatment

Eliminates PAS stiffness, shudder and noise. Prevents oil leaks. Maintain optimum performance of PAS pump and load bearing components

CV Grease

Increases the life of CV joints. Stops water penetration

Carburettor Cleaner

Improves and cleans carburettors and jets without damage. Compatable with Catalytic Convertors. Frees sticking butterflies and slides on injection vehicles. Dissolves baked on contaminants

Seal Conditioner

Cures oil leaks. Reduces blue smoking due to hardened valve stem oil seals